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My name is Jeremy Hannaford and I am obsessed with holding onto memories. Ever since I was given a Canon Roll & Click at 10 years old, I knew I loved the idea of capturing moments in time, whether they were friends, animals or just the sunrise every morning. But I never thought of making this love of mine a career until I became a journalist. While journalism wasn't for me, I was always elated with how people responded to my photos. I strived for "in the moment" photos, from archery contests to a RCMP officer doing tricks on a BMX bike. Even when I started working in the film industry, those comments I got were always in the back of my mind. I never thought being a photographer was possible but I never truly shut that door, and it was a good thing I didn't!
When an old high school friend asked me to shoot their wedding, I leapt at the opportunity. And I haven't looked back since!
I've shot weddings in all kinds of weather be it wind, rain or snow. I've worked from Mexican Beaches to Quebec Shores! No matter where or whatever element we are in, I always make it fun! Every experience has been an amazing one and I always look forward to the next. Life gave me a second chance to try something I feel passionate about, so I'm going to take that opportunity and run with it until my shoes fall off!


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EMP Media Services is all about creating a time capsule FOR one of the biggest things to happen in your whole life!
Capturing all of the moments, even the ones in between is what I strive to do with every client I work with, from grand ball weddings, to backyard get togethers!
Because the thing I want to make sure above all else, is that you are having an fantastic time, and I'm capturing every minute of it!​