June 16, 2023



When it comes to an unforgettable wedding, you will want an all star photo/video team to capture every unforgettable moment! That’s where Rebecca Bennett Photography and I come in with our fantastic Photography + Videography Wedding Package!

Rebecca and I first met back in 2019 when we worked a multi-location wedding. Despite having never worked or even heard of each other, we received several compliments from the wedding couple and guests that we performed like a highly experienced team and ran like a well oiled machine. And to be honest, that’s absolutely what we did! 

After having worked multiple weddings over the last four years, and referring to each other on multiple occasions, we finally decided to form a fantastic package that is reasonably priced, and wedding couples are going to love!

Everytime Rebecca and I have worked together, it’s the literal dream team in action! We are always thinking ahead when it comes to each other’s placements, the shots we want to capture, and to make sure we never interfere with one another. We also continuously bounce ideas off each other and often help each other create amazing shots we couldn’t do alone! I’m not saying it’s like Wonder Twins Power Activate! … but I ain’t saying it ain’t either 😂

For only $3785, you get Rebecca for a full day (getting ready till just after the first dance) of photography coverage and you get me for seven hours. 

Rebecca gives you 200 fully edited photos, a copy of all unedited images from the wedding day, and a complimentary engagement session!

I give you my double video package, including a documentary feature capturing your day in a full length film, as well as a highlight reel (3-5 minute long video of your day set to a song of your choosing!) I also provide some awesome drone footage from your day (provided I am able to legally fly at the locations of your day)

With this amazing combo package, you can rest assured that every amazing moment from your day is going to be documented. These photos and videos are something you are going to cherish for years and years to come! On top of that, you are going to have a fantastic time as Rebecca and I want to make sure you are feeling comfortable and feeling great while in front of the camera. Because we want you to love every minute of your day, so you can love every moment you get to relive afterwards!

For more information about our package deal, reach out on my CONTACT page for details!

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