April 13, 2023



When it comes to wedding venues, there are few that can offer so many beautiful backdrops in such a close proximity. One of those venues is Golden Eagle Golf Course, and I absolutely love shooting here. Let me explain!

Before we even talk about the venue, we’ve got to talk about Pitt Lake which is only 15 minutes up the road from the venue. This is a fantastic spot for first looks. I can confidently say this is my most used first look location, and when you check it out, you will completely understand why!

Bubbles are a must!

I mean look at that! It’s INCREDIBLE! The lake, the mountains, the landscape, it’s beautiful! And making that the backdrop when your fiance turns around and sees you in all your beauty and glory is going to make those photos / footage all the more momentous!!!

Even during a smokey season, the view is still majestic

Now let’s talk about the venue itself. The outdoor patio is one of the best places to get married for a variety of reasons. You’ve got a beautiful backdrop of the golf course and the mountains, your guests are comfortably sitting under lovely tent covers, and then you can do some family / wedding party shots on the fringe of the 9th hole green! And then you can turn around and capture some great shots near the garden display or down along the road to the golf course!
For some venues, you would need to travel some distance from one space to another. At Golden Eagle, all of these options are within 100 feet of each other!

It’s got a great dance floor and lovely backwall lights to add some variety like this!

And that’s not to mention how great this all looks at Golden Hour, but before that, let’s talk about what Golden Eagle offers you. Aside from their wonderful outdoor ceremony area, they have a fantastic interior reception area (that also functions as a backup ceremony hall in case of weather. Double cha-ching!) The layout is always marvelous and elegant. After dinner, the area clears up into a great dance hall to party the night away! It all comes together in a beautiful presentation that you and your guests will love and enjoy. 

Speaking of love, I personally love the food here. They have a great buffet style menu crafted by an expert kitchen staff and all I can say is, I think I would be very very overweight if I worked weddings here as much as I would like 🤣 

But I mentioned Golden Hour earlier right? Well I didn’t mention that all you have to do is basically step out onto the patio as the sun is setting and you have Absolute. Freaking. Gold! I love getting to capture Golden Hour here, as the valley is flat but offers definition. This helps your photos have variety and landscape amongst the golden aurora. You are going to look absolutely amazing in these photos, guaranteed. 


Golden Eagle Golf Course is a fantastic venue option. They have everything you need and more. Great ceremony options, rockin’ reception hall, delicious yum yum good food, and a surrounding basically screaming “Take some amazing photos here”. It’s pretty darn good 😉

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