February 15, 2023


If your photographer suggests getting some golden hour photos on your wedding day, you need to take them up on it. 

Otherwise known as “magic hour” in cinema, this is one of the most opportune moments you can have on your day of days. This small 20-30 minute window is when the sun is at its lowest, breaking through the atmosphere and creating a beautiful glow along the horizon. And that’s when we can create some “magic” of our own! 

Trust me when I say that these are going to be some of the most amazing photos you will ever get from your photographer! It creates a beautifully warm, encompassing glow around you and your loved one, and your love becomes encapsulated in it … oh and the photos will be the f’ing bomb!

As you can see from the example I gave, this can be anywhere you are within the distance of. Be it by the water, out on the porch, or walking across the field or a golf course. Magic hour can happen anywhere where there is the setting sun (kind of important😂) and open skies. 

This is something that cannot be created artificially, not to the same anyways. Unless your photographer has a light on hand that can replicate the power of our sun, this opportunity truly only comes by once a day, so make sure you take that opportunity with your photographer and I guarantee you will have photos you will love for the rest of time! 

When the sun is setting and your photographer wants to take some golden hour shots of you guys, you listen to them and take some bomb photos!

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